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The igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey features a fresh look to the slimmest smart deadbolt in the world. Keeping to a sleek and minimalist exterior, it comes with more than enough features to rival the big boys. This is the epitome of style and substance.

Looks good, works better

•Jam-packed with features to offer you greater peace of mind, you can be assured that your property is always secure:

Keypad security lockout

•The keypad is disabled after several incorrect PIN code attempts.

Auto relock

•The Deadbolt automatically relocks once it senses that the door is closed.

Masking security code

•Throw off onlookers with decoy digits before keying in your actual PIN code.

Emergency jumpstart

•Easily jumpstart the lock with a 9V battery if the lock’s batteries are drained.

Manage access anytime, anywhere

•All igloohome devices work with the igloohome mobile app.

Grant access remotely

•Create and send time-sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys to your guests. There’s no need to be near your lock to do this.

Safeguard your home

•Set timed access for different visitors. You can grant access for days, weeks or months – it’s up to you.

View activity logs

•The igloohome mobile app lets you track dates and times at which visitors enter your home.

•Bluetooth activity logs are updated in real-time while PIN code activity logs are updated each time the lock is synced to the app via Bluetooth.

The algoPIN technology

•Even with its remote capabilities, the Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey works offline for enhanced reliability and security. There are no worries of WiFi hacking or network instability.

•It features the innovative algoPIN technology which makes our security products suitable for properties with weak or no WiFi connections at all. There’s no need to download an additional app to receive PIN code access.

The Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey. The key to greater peace of mind.

3 Modes of Access

Unlock via time sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys that you can create and control on our free igloohome app. Physical keys are included as well for flexibility.

Works Offline

The Deadbolt 2S works with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronization, and does not require an internet connection.

Decoy Security Code

Enter up to 8 random digits before your password to reduce the risk of a PIN code being exposed by intruders checking for fingerprints.

Grant Access When You’re Away: With the igloohome mobile app, create unique PIN codes or Bluetooth keys from anywhere in the world.

Choose How Long You Want to Give Access for: The validity period of PIN codes and Bluetooth keys can be customized for each visitor. Choose to give hours, days, weeks, or permanent access.

View Access Logs: Access logs are provided to enable users to track when visitors come and go. Greater visibility allows for greater peace of mind.

Sync with Airbnb: Igloohome integrates seamlessly with Airbnb allowing hosts to synchronize their listing calendars with their igloohome account so that PIN codes are automatically generated and sent to guests, at no extra charge.

Security Features

Security Lockout Mode: If an invalid PIN code is entered 5 times, the Deadbolt 2S will go into security lockout mode and stop operating for 5 minutes.

Timed Re-Lock: Select the duration (in seconds) before the lock automatically locks, regardless of how it was unlocked.

Privacy Mode: Prevents Electronic entry from the outside.

Tamper Alarm: A built-in alarm will alert you if intruders attempt to pry the lock from your door.

Emergency Jump-Start: When the lock batteries are drained, an external DC9V battery can be used to jump-start the lock.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 13 cm

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Amazing product especially for AirBnB hosts! I was cautious since there were so few reviews but the features this touted stood head and shoulders above every other Smartlock I found on the market, so I gave it a try. I must say, it is great!

(1) It saves me so much time and makes me look so professional by fully integrating with AirBnB and automatically sending out pin codes. I have experienced no glitches or problems so far.
(2) It can be used with gloves! So convenient for when wearing work gloves or winter gloves.
(3) The key pad is attractive. (wasn’t sure about the modern black as my house is traditional looking but it looks great)
(4) Auto-locking feature I like much more than I thought I would. The only time this did not work was when the sensor fell down and the person did not check to confirm the door was locked. I emphasize that you must confirm it is locked not just mindlessly rely on the technology. However I superglued the sensor when I put it back (instead of just using the adhesive it came with) so far no more issues with the sensor falling off the door frame.

My only wish is that it integrated with HomeAway and/or platforms. IglooHome has a competitive advantage now with their AirBnB integration but if another big lock company comes along and works with more hospitality platforms before Igloohome does, they could be eclipsed in this market. So I hope they get on this fast! it will also save me a lot of time. 🙂

Also I will warn or remind folks that, since the lock does not utilize WiFi, in order to make a custom pin code you do need to place your phone near the device to set a custom pin. You can remotely generate a random pin. Also you must use the pin code within 24 hrs of establishing it order to activate it.

Lock Feature 5.0
Easy to use 4.5
Easy to install 4.5
Customer Service 5.0
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